Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Contest Stylo : Act #5 Do you Speak English?

Ok..entri ni adalah berkenaan 1 contest yg aku nak join and it's my first contest..excitednye!!haha..ok2..
Here goes...

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I had a strange dream last night. When I woke up this morning I found myself in a dark room with only a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. My hands are strapped to a chair and I can't move. I can only see the mouse and hear water dripping from somewhere. Then the door opened and a figure of a person came in. The light was so bright that I have to close my eyes. The man came in with two other men with weapons. The man came to me and grab my face, "Where is it??". Then I said, "What is it that you want, Hyde?"
"You know what I want! I want my stuff back which you have stolen. Don't play dumb with me or you're gonna regret it!"
"Owh yeah? Try me!"
Hyde then punched me in the face multiple times and then he stopped gasping for air. 
"That is what you get when you mess with me,you fuck!"
I spited out the blood in my mouth and looked at him with a smile on my face, "Is that all you got Hyde? Even my little girl can pack up a punch."
With anger in his face, he charged towards me trying to punch me again. At the right moment, I evaded his punch and kicked him in the head. With all my might I pulled my hands out from the straps. The punches earlier had loosen them giving me the opportunity to escape. Swiftly I took down the other two guys and knocked them out cold. I went to Hyde and put a gun in his head, "You want it? Just try and get it from me". Then I shoot his right hand to make sure he'll never forgets me.

I rushed outside to get out of this place. The alarms went off meaning that my escaped has alerted all of his men. I was trying to find the exit when all of his men came to catch me one by one. I shoot everyone of them that stand on my path. When I finally found the exit, I open the door and I was in the middle of an open field. Then came all of the bad guys surrounding me. 
"Owh hell", I said. "This is gonna take a while".
Suddenly I heard a chopper come in from a distance. I look at my back and there it was, a chopper with my organization's logo on it. 
"Sorry we're late", said John, my subordinate.
"Took you long enough, now let them have it!"
I quickly find a place to hide while the chopper launches its missiles and John was shooting everybody with a machine gun. He seems enjoying it. I smiled and felt relieved that everything was gonna be okay.
"Hey man, grab the ladder", said John as he was lowering a ladder for me.
I grabbed the ladder and the chopper flew away.
"Home base, this is John. We have acquired the target and leaving the scene. You can send in the Janitor now to clean up this mess."
"Roger that. Sending Janitor and will be there in minus three minutes.Mission accomplished,good job soldier."
Then John get off the walkie and help me up. He said I did a fine job there not telling them where I hide it. Then he asked me, "Where did you hide it?"
"In my safe house in England, in the basement"
*Click* John pointed a gun at me and said, "You shouldn't have told me that.  Now I have to kill you. It's nothing personal, it's just business."
"You son of a bitch!"
He fired his gun and the bullet hits me. I dropped on the floor of the chopper trying to breath.
"Goodbye". Another two shoots to my chest.

I suddenly woke up in my room. I took a long deep breath and tried to remember what actually happened. "Okay, okay, it was just a dream but it's so real".
Then I remembered something. I quickly searched my desk to find something.
"Here it is" while I hold a Taylor Swift limited edition CD. 
"I think I should give it back to Hyde and tell John that he doesn't have to kill me for this CD. How I am glad that it was just a dream."

P.S : If you borrowed people's stuff, return it to them or you will DIE. haha..just joking 

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Jo Qusary said...

oh oh... kena pulangkan balik rantai naga stylo yg aku pinjam dr member aku neh, kang tak psl2 masuk suratkhabar...hehehe

thanks for joining bro... good luck!

Kei Seichi said...

harap2 pihak pengadil blh la pilih aku sbg pemenang..hehe..=P

Enadri said...

good job..

Kei Seichi said...

thanks ^^

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